Picking the Perfect Light Bulb

Picking the Perfect Light Bulb

Picking the perfect chandelier is already a tough task. You have to answer several questions. What fits for my room? What frame finish should I go with? Do I want something more modern or do I go the traditional route? Once you got that figured out, another question is begging for an answer.

What color light bulb is best for me?

Perfect light bulb

Which Bulbs?

First, we'll give you some general knowledge about lighting and a light bulb get's its grade.

Light bulb appearance is measured by the Kelvin scale. Lower numbers indicate a warmer color, like yellow or orange. Higher numbers indicate cooler colors, like blue and white.

So what exactly do these colors mean? Well...

A light bulb with 2700k-3000k indicates a warm tone, mainly for relaxing and entertaining guests.

A light bulb 3500k-4500k indicates a neutral white tone that gives you balance between cool and warm tones.

A light bulb over 5000k indicates a cooler, a more "ready to work" tone.

Light bulb

Hanging Pendant Lights

Now that we know what the Kelvin scale is and how the ranges work, the question is: How do I pick the perfect one for my room?

Lights on the warmer end are perfect for relaxing or entertaining. These colors would go into a room like a dining room or living room where your guests will be.

Cooler lights mimic daylight, which is perfect for an office space, workshop or really any area where you need high visibility.

Of course, you could always go dimmable and get the best of both worlds.

Hope this helped you pick out the perfect bulbs!

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