10-Pack 4W LED E12 Candelabra Bulb

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Color Temperature: 2700K (Soft White)

Color Temperature

Glass Color: Clear Glass

Glass Color

- Full Spectrum Dimming 0-100%

- Flicker-Free Dimming Technology

- 4W (60W equivalent)

- 99% Energy Efficient. Saves you $$$ on your electricity bill! 

- 5 Year Limited Warranty

- UL certified

Light bulbs that are available today are mostly Light Emitting Diode (LED). The advantage of the LED bulb is they are highly energy-efficient and fit standard light sockets. This kind of design allows them to produce the same amount of light using less electricity. Most LED bulbs last for up to 20 years. Different rooms require a different kind of lighting. The light color and light temperature on the Kelvin (K) temperature scale. The lower the Kelvin numbers the yellow the color of the lights gets whereas, with higher Kelvin number, the light gets whiter and brighter.

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